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Fire Levy Fact Sheet

In the 1950’s, Scioto Township and the Village of Commercial Point were served by the Commercial Point Volunteer Fire Department and the Harrisburg Fire Department. The Fire Chief at this time was Hopper Printle. These Departments eventually disbanded. During the early to mid-1960’s, the community experienced several major structure fires. In response to these incidents, several concerned citizens banded together to form the Scioto Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The founding members of the Scioto Township Volunteer Fire Department included Chief Don Thrasher, John Parmenter, Chuck Parmenter, and several others. These men and several other citizens sought donations and raised funds to purchase used fire apparatus and equipment. The Scioto Township Volunteer Fire Department was known throughout the country for its annual fundraiser – a go kart grand prix that was held in the Village of Commercial Point. 

In the early 1970’s, the members of the Department built the current fire station located at 25 Harsh Alley, in Commercial Point. In the late mid 1980’s, the Department expanded and completed an addition to the Station. This addition provided much-needed living quarters, a training room, and kitchen facilities. In January of 1980, the Department expanded its services to the community by staffing the Station with a full-time firefighter and full-time Fire Chief. In 1987, the Department expanded to three full-time firefighters. These firefighters worked five, ten hour shifts during the week. In response to increased call volumes, the Department expanded to a three platoon schedule (24 hours on-duty/48 hours off-duty) with four fighters on-duty every day, 365 days a year. This occurred on June 1, 1996.

Since its inception, the Scioto Township Fire Department has had three Fire Chiefs. Chief Don Thrasher served from 1963 through his death in September of 1987. Chief William Weber served from November of 1987 through July of 2005. Chief Porter Welch, the current Fire Chief, was appointed effective September 26, 2005.

The Scioto Township Fire Department currently consists of twelve full-time firefighters and a full-time Fire Chief. In addition, we have twenty-one part-time personnel. The Department provides primary fire protection services to approximately 11,000 residents in Scioto Township and the Villages of Commercial Point and Orient. In addition to fire protection, the Department provides rescue services, Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical services, trench/cave-in rescue services, and hazardous materials services. The Scioto Township Fire Department also provides mutual aid assistance to Harrison Township Fire Department, Hamilton Township Fire Department, Jackson Township Fire Department, Pleasant Township Fire Department, and the Tri-County Joint Fire District/Sterling Joint Ambulance District.

25 Harsh Alley
Commercial Point Ohio